Manufacturers and Suppliers of Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Automatic and Electric Garage doors and Window Shutters for Home, Office and Industrial units. 

You can rely on Telford Trade Shutters Ltd to supply top-quality garage doors for your home or business property. Nationwide Service!

We specialise in roller garage doors

When it comes to the manufacture and supply of roller garage doors and shutters, Telford Trade Shutters Ltd is the right choice for you. We offer made to measure, insulated garage doors that are a great way of increasing the storage space in your garage’s roof area. Our fully automated garage doors open at the push of a button, and can be easily operated from inside your vehicle.

We offer these doors in a wide range of colours, finishes and effects. Contact us for more information. We serve customers throughout the West Midlands, including Birmingham and the nearby areas.

Garage door specifications we follow:

  • Safety
  • Conformity to standards
  • Wind resistance
  • Maximum space saving
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Variety of mounting types

Which door is right for you?

Compact doors

Our compact doors are designed to be installed in garages that have a restricted headroom. Manufactured from the 55mm deep lath, only 205mm internal headroom is required for the installation. Compact doors are available up to 2800 width and 2200 high. Insulated lath, wide-side and bottom seals provide resistance to heat loss and drafts.

Classic doors

Classic doors are manufactured with the 77mm lath for additional strength and rigidity. They are ideal for larger garages, or where additional security may be necessary. Insulated lath and triple side seals provide the ultimate solution, in terms of insulation and draft resistance.

You can also choose from the following options:

Box choice

Your door can be ordered with either a half or a full hood as shown, finishing the interior off perfectly.

Draft protection

Drafts are significantly reduced with our patented triple side guide sealing system. In addition to reducing drafts, it makes the door much quieter.

Effective seal

Our deep rubber bottom seal offers an effective seal against water ingress at the bottom of the door.

Superior automatic locking system

Deprat TM locking assemblies with integrated steel reinforcing offers the best protection against the door being forced open.

Anti-scuff locking system

Traditional locking system, but with an added anti-friction coating that reduces friction marks

Extra strong bottom lath

Deep extruded aluminium enhances the security of the door, and stops it from being forced out of the side guides.

Optimum lath thickness

77mm x 19mm; offers one of the most rigid and insulated lath available today.

Abrasion resistance

PUP/PA* is a two layer lacquer coating applied to profiles at a thickness of 25-30 microns which provides an effective resistance to scratches and marks on the curtain.


Alutech lath is manufactured from high-grade aluminium and finished in a PUR/PA* coating that reduces abrasion, colour fading and surface cracking.

Standard colours

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